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Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator

Calculate your body mass index (BMI) from your height and weight. Enter the values by properly checking the units for each parameter for correct calculated value. locate your bmi value in the below referred table prescribed by world health organization (WHO).

Calculate BMI

What is BMI?

Body mass index is a simple indicator of status of an individual’s over or under weight.  This index takes two simple parameters, height and weight into the consideration. An individual with high BMI may be considered as overweight or obese and with very low BMI as underweight according to the standards given by World health Organization (WHO).

How this calculator works?

BMI is calculated by using the simple division of height to square of the weight of the individual. Here this calculator calculates BMI based on the inputs given by the user at height and weight fields.

bmi formula

Here is an example of calculation of BMI of an individual with height 5 feet and weight 50 kgs

How to use?

First select the proper units for height and enter the corresponding value in the field provided. You can enter height both in feet and inches where a new field appears for entering the two values. Similarly, select the units for weight and enter the value. That’s it, click in a simple way to get your BMI value and check your BMI status in the given table. The range in which your BMI falls will be highlighted with blue colour.

bmi calculator

Flexible in units

Forget about the unit systems to measure weight and height. Get flexibility in choosing the units even not associated with a system. For example if you use US system, you can enter height in feet but weight only in pounds. But this calculator gives the flexibility to enter the values at any units which you can slect easily.

What happens if I got abnormal value?

This calculator works perfectly to calculate BMI of an adult until unless if values provided are correct. If you got an abnormal BMI value please check the inputs once again.

Toggle of data

Sometimes you can get incorrect BMI values when the data is toggled between the fields. For example, if a person with height 65 inches and weight 55 kg, the calculated BMI value will be 20.18 which is within the normal range and the individual has normal weight.

correct calculation of bmi

But if the same values are incorrectly placed and toggled between the fields such as height being 55 inches and weight being 65, the result will be 33.31, which indicates overweight of the individual.

incorrect calculation of bmi

Check the units

 Another reason for wrong calculation of BMI is the improper selection of units. Suppose a person has a height of 5 feet 5 inches, it shouldn’t be considered as 5.5 feet.  Actually the former when converted into feet, it results in 5.42.

units in bmi