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Calculate how much you should score in the next sessions to attain a required grade. Enter your current grade, it's weight and overall required grade. Calculate the grade you need to attain with simple click.

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Current grade vs final grade

Calculation of final grade is very simple and direct method. Generally in a semester or at a course many activities are designed to assess the complete abilities of the student. Every type of assessment will have its own impact on the total score and final grade achieved in the particular course.

In order to assess individual capabilities and compare them with other people in the class, grading system gives an opportunity to measure the performance of a student at various activities each weighed at a specific score or percentage.

You have to achieve an overall required grade to be declared as qualified in a specific course or semester as specified by your professor or university. So you can plan your studies accordingly and you can estimate how much effort you have to put further to clear the course.

Suppose you have completed major portion of your course work and ready for final exams. Currently you have a grade of 75% and you need to get at least 85% overall grade to clear the course.  Here you can estimate whatever the grade you need to attain in the final exam if you the weight of either current grade or final grade.

So, here your current grade weighed to 40% gives you a grade of 30%. So to attain overall 85% you need to get 91.67% in the final exam at a weight of 60%.

How to use this calculator?

First select do you want to enter the weight of either current grade or final grade. Then enter the current grade and the weight you selected. Finally enter the overall required grade and click calculate. You will simply get a result indicating what is the final grade you have to attain in the final exam.

final grade calculator

You can also see the table indicating the weighed grades of current and final exams.