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Calculate your overall grade from the individual grades and their weights. Enter grade you got for each test, assignment or project along with its weight to the final grade.

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Don’t you know grade for each activity? Click here and enter your scores instead in the above calculator.

Grading system

One of the widely accepted measuring systems for academic performance is grading system. In a semester a student may have so many academic activities like home work, assignments, projects, presentations, theoretical exams, all can be measured on a specific defined scale to assess the performance of the student in all the activities.

Generally grades are given in percentage and a student may get different grades at different activities. All these grades are weighed to calculate final grade achieved in the course.

For example, a course has four activities such as assignment, project, midterm exam and final exam each with weight as 15, 25, 25 and 35% respectively. Suppose a student secured 95, 45, 75 and 35% respectively in all these four activities.

Now weighed grades for each activity are the multiples of individual weights for that activity.

A 1=P 1 * W 1

Combining all, you will get the final grade in the overall course.

Final grade=A 1 + A 2 + A 3 + A =P 1 * W 1 + P 2 * W 2 + P 3 * W 3 + P 4 * W 4

How this calculator works?

This grade calculator makes entire process easy to calculate and you need to enter the details of each activity in a course. Enter name of the activity in first column and then grade you got along with its weight on the final grade.

You can also add more number of rows by clicking on “Add rows” to enter the details of further activities.

Once you add the required data, click to calculate your grade. Here is an example of grade calculated on demo data.

Scale to your need

Suppose you have more activities in a course you can add further rows. On the other hand, if you have only few activities than rows shown in the calculator, still you can calculate as it doesn’t take blank vales in to account while calculating final grade.

Ease in inputs

You can use this calculator in two ways. First, suppose you know your grades and their corresponding weights, you can simply enter those values in the respective column and click to calculate.

Second, suppose you don’t know the grade but you know the score you got in each activity still you can calculate overall grade. You can find a “click here” button to enter the scores instead of grades in each activity.

When you click above button, you can enter test name, max score and your score in each activity.  Here is an example of calculation of overall grade based on individual scores.